Building With Integrity To Create Lifetime Relationships

Our process is transparent, our mission is simple:

Creating a Lifetime Relationship Built on Trust and Integrity.

Rudloff Custom Builders Inc. will take you from the first meeting to the final move in date or provide a comfortable and safe transaction as we work in your family’s home while you remain.

Step 1: Meeting

We will visit your home and determine scope of work and/or review your plans. We will listen attentively to your desires and needs and help you envision your dreams and aspirations. We will discuss with you your options of working with our team of independent Architects and Designers or we will work within your team of Architects or Designers. We believe creating a strong team with open communication will lead to a successful project in which everyone involved will be proud of the outcome.

Step 2: Construction Proposal

We will provide a detailed estimate that is clear and easy to follow. We will work with you until all the details and designs are clear and all parties agree to pricing and scope of work. We believe that this phase is critical to avoid confusion later. If we know our part and our clients know theirs, it becomes a unified alteration throughout the process and project. This is how we develop strong relationships.

Step 3: Selection Process

Our goal is that we will not start a project until we have a clear path to completion. Of course, there will be decisions along the way. This portion can be overwhelming to clients. This again, is where we stay together and create the space you and your family created. Over the years, Rudloff Custom Builders has built strong affiliates. We have created a team process and allowed our clients to simply go shopping for their selections with our vast team of designers and trade professionals.

Step 4: Construction

This is where the hard work starts to show through as you begin to see the project set into motion and can begin to see your selections transformed in your home. A Project Manager will work to provide a safe, clean and neat environment for our clients and other personnel on our staff. Our project manager system will give you the comfort and assurance that every detail discussed in the prior phases are carried out. We make certain that open communication is key during this process with weekly and daily meetings as necessary to ensure every detail is monitored and followed through.

Step 5: Completion

Having a project manager that stays with your project from start to finish allows for a very small punch list in the end. Once your project is completed, your warranty will commence. You will now be enjoying the effects of skilled craftsmanship, great design and your new space. As you will see, the financial commitment becomes long term and a continued value in your investment with the integrity of the work done by RUDLOFF CUSTOM BUILDERS. This is our commitment and mission; this is what builds strong long term relationships with our clients, essentially,

Creating a Lifetime Relationship Built on Trust and Integrity.

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